ess than 6 weeks until Christmas and a lot of us are starting to seriously think about our Christmas gift lists and what we’re going to buy for all of our nearest and dearest. If you’re dreading hitting the shops in the dank winter weather and then facing all of those queues, then don’t. Skip it altogether and be smart by doing your gift shopping online.

Most of us know people that love a bit of pampering, so what could be better than treating them to a relaxing and indulgent gift that you know they’re going to love this winter. To help get the ball rolling, here are some of our favourite pampering gifts out there.

Tea for two

Quaint, charmingly old-fashioned, and undeniably classy, in the last few years afternoon tea for two has come back into vogue. And when you think about it, who doesn’t love a spot of tea (or coffee) accompanied by some dainty little sandwiches and sumptuously decadent cakes and sweet treats?! Choose a posh local café, restaurant or hotel that provides this delightful service and either book you and your loved one in for tea, or give them a voucher that’ll let them book it for themselves. Tasty and a lovely way to spend time together, this will be one of their favourite gifts this Christmas.

Wine & dine

The step up from tea for two, if you know a gourmand or just want to treat them to an indulgent slap up meal on you, then wining and dining is just the ticket. With a voucher or gift card, they can enjoy top notch grub they wouldn’t usually treat themselves to at your expense. Choose their favourite type of cuisine or local restaurant and you can be certain that you’ve plumped on a winning gift. We particularly recommend this type of gift for couples since they’ll love being able to enjoy a romantic meal together.

The mini break

Ideal for your partner, a close friend or family member, a mini break gift is a seriously generous way to show that you care. Think luxury country hotels, long rambles through the countryside followed by plush beds, delicious food and of course a full breakfast. An overnight stay away is just so relaxing and is the perfect way to get away from it all.

Did someone say spa?

For a full on purely pampering gift, a trip to a spa has to be a top contender, and you can easily tailor it so it suits the person you want to spoil. From individual treatments like massages and pedicures to half a day’s access to luxury spa facilities, they’re going to feel seriously relaxed thanks to your gift. This is such a wonderful gift since most people won’t think to indulge themselves in this way, so be original and get them a spa pass for their Christmas gift this year.

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As we head towards the end of November, now is the ideal time to get your Christmas shopping done and out the way, so make it easy this year with pampering gifts that are bound to be a success.